Devices App


Devices is the extended HomeKit app. Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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Extensive Device Support

Devices App Support

Innovative Groups and Scenes

Devices App Scenes

Enhanced HomeKit Triggers

Devices App Triggers

Convenient Groups

Smart home devices of the same category can be conveniently grouped and controlled together.

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Devices App Groups
Devices App Scenes

Intelligent Scenes

Scenes that you have previously defined are displayed in a particularly clear and comprehensible way and can be triggered with just one tap.

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Automatic Triggers

Triggers execute scenes at specific times, when you get to locations, or when a device is in a specific state

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Devices App Groups
Devices App Apple Watch

Watch Devices

With the Apple Watch you will always have an eye on all your smart home devices and can control them quickly and easily. Devices are switched on and off with a single tap and the intensity can be adjusted via the Apple Watch Crown.

Intuitive operation

Whether smart home devices are switched on or off in the home, and with which intensity they are running, is now clearly visible and can be adjusted with a single tap.

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Devices App Controller

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